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Negombo Diving Season (Off Season)
  • Time Period: (October – April)
  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Distance to Bandaranayake Internation Airport: 20 Minutes

Keep diving all around the year with us at Negombo Diving Centre

During the October to March, Southern and Western coasts provides fine opportunities for divers during these months. Our diving centre is located at the wonderful beach at the port beach restaurant (Location is provided).

The long stretch of Negombo beach is considered one of the most attractive beaches of Sri Lanka. 35Km or an hour away from Colombo (the capital city of Sri Lanka), Negombo holds the majority of the fun dives at it’s best.

Boat rides to the dive sites can be longer than on the East Coast. There is however a large range of sites and diving packages are popular here.

Diyamba Gala – Rocks at the bottom can be explored with small caves with lots of aquatic wildlife and eels in particular!

Depth – 22 to 26 M

Mutian Gala – Two reefs situated on the sandy bottom with a very rich marine life. Lots of lion fish, moray eels, blue strip snappers, fussliers and many more!

Max Depth – 12 to 14m

Goda Maha Gala – About 6 to 7 kms away, this is a lovely site with lots of different fish, coral and other marine life like snappers, lobsters, black corals and moray eels.

Depth-12 to 15 M

Ula Gala – About 5kms away, this dive site has a large range of fish including large groupers, oriental sweet lips, trevally, yellow jack.  A part of the wreckage of the Ship Asia carrier which ran aground in 1980 can also be seen

Depth – 2 to 12 M

Mutu Paraya (Pear Reef) – About 30 minutes away this is one of the most beautiful reefs full of marine life including Teddy bear coral and a huge range of different fish – more than you can imagine!

Depth – 16 M

Diyamba Suda (Third Reef) – This is the last frontier of dive sites from Negombo, the famed ‘Third Reef’ about 22kms away (on the way there are about 15 to 20 different rocks and reefs!).  The reef has lots of dome type corals with excellent visibility and is a very good place to see different species of Rays.  The best is at about 30m.  Strong currents can be encountered here.

Depth – 15 to 30 M

Maha Gala –  A large reef with lots of fish including lobsters, groupers, snappers, lionfish to name but a few! Need a couple of dives to explore it all!

Depth – 14 to 16 M

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