Diving is off now in Negombo but we can take you to an untouched jungle where I was the first white person and white woman to ever enter . No phone signal and before we enter we pray. We drive in with motorbikes and have to walk through as there are no proper roads. Sometimes we walk barefoot as it’s just easier. The Sri Lankan jungle men walk barefoot all the time and stay in the jungle for months and months. They fish from the freshwater rivers and serve rice and fish on a large clean green leaf. No plates, no cutlery, less washing. They want their rivers to stay clean without soapy chemicals running through. The road has elephant tracks, huge foot steps awaiting us. Wild elephants is what you can find especially now, during the rainy season. 

The jungle is near Mintale, Anuradhapura. We sleep one night and stay two days, spending a day hiking with two hunter dogs and discovering the different places of this very big jungle. We find a beautiful lake untouched from humans where you can look for crocodiles. We sleep in a hut in the middle of a rice paddy field and there are no mosquitos. We hike through the jungle and they show us the ruins of a place a princess was hiding jewels before that were stolen. 

Our guides are 6 Sri Lankan men. 

They boil water from the river so that it is clean to drink. 

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