I meet many divers who stop off at our dive centre on their last few days of their holiday in Sri Lanka. Some have already gone diving in Hikkadua and paid only $45 for two dives! And then they mention that the coral was badly damaged by the tsunami and they didn’t see much… Which is true, the dive centers down South are suffering because of that. 

In Negombo, a fishing town, you always find lots of different kinds of fish like lion fish, emperor fish, parrot fish, puffer fish, octopus, sting rays and moray eels. 

At our dive centre we have brand new equipment and two dive masters that dive with you. We use Italian brands like Mares and Cressi, and just recently bought 10 brand new tanks. 

Our company motto is, “If you are not satisfied with your dive, you don’t pay”. That’s how confident we are that you will enjoy your dive because we know that Negombo has some really fantastic diving, corals and many fish. 

Interested in doing a wreck dive or two? There are over 10 different wrecks near Colombo, we can take you there, it will take an hour by boat.

This video is a spot 22kms away from land, about half an hour by boat. Very clear blue water, when you arrive you can see the bottom from inside the boat, like a swimming pool! This place I also saw Spinner dolphins for the first time, magical. 

I’m waiting for my red filter to put on my GoPro so the videos have a color balance because it looks a bit too blue, anyway you get the idea, sort of I hope 😉